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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Bootstrap Paradox.

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Bootstrap Paradox.

Bootstrap Paradox


Do you have a favorite paradox? Because I do.

A paradox is a statement or idea that essentially contradicts itself, meaning that if something is possible or true, then it’s impossible or false at the exact same time.

That probably sounds pretty confusing, which is a pretty accurate way to describe paradoxical situations.

There are a lot of paradoxes that exist in our world, related to all sorts of different subjects: logic, physics, biology, and much more.

This may be the DARK fan in me talking, but I have always found paradoxes about time travel to be the most interesting.

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Bootstrap Paradox.
Image source: google | Image by: phys.org

One of my all-time favorite time travel paradoxes is called the Bootstrap Paradox, and is as follows:

The definition of the Bootstrap Paradox is “an object with an indiscernible point of origin“, and is best explained through a story:

Imagine you are living in 2150 by the year I hope the time machine has been invented by the time. While you are the JK Rowling’s (Joanne Rowling)Β  Biggest fan for her writeups. Imagine that you also happen to have a time machine. Being such a big fan of JK Rowling, you decide to go meet your idol in-person.

You arrive in 1989, at that time you observed she was not quite famous as a writer.

So you approach her you have all the seven sequels of Harry Potter, which gave her an idea about an extraordinary writeup. She read all the books and then copied it as per they are and published it by her name. That’s how her carrier began as a writer.

Then after you came back in your time, but now the main and an immense headache question arrives that who really wrote the original Harry Potter Series. If you time travel back gave her the sequels at the first; then while you were buying those books in your past who wrote it for the first time.

See where I’m going with this?

You get stuck in the infinite loop of time travel in which trying to think in-depth only leads you with more questions and an immense headache.

Now, the question that the Bootstrap Paradox is addressing: Who wrote the books in the first place?

Because we had taken the books from our present to 1989, yet the whole time travel has taken place already so that I had read the books in my past before I had time-travel.

And thus, we see that the music really never originated anywhere, but rather has just been in an infinite loop between 1989 and 2150 that has no discernible beginning or end.

Interesting, right?

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