Is Alternate Universe Myth or Reality

Alternate universe

Alternate universe Everyone loves the idea of alternate universe and some might think does it exist. So the answer for this has not been found, but theoretically it is possible. This quite seems interesting that you have a second chance and things can turn out differently. For example in an alternate reality “Where you do […]

Apple very first wireless charger

Apples very First Wireless Charger

Magsafe Charger – Apple very First Wireless Charger   Yes I know you are here to read about charging characteristics of Apples very first charger also its ability to interact with the magnetic system which is inside each one of the official case. Its a USB type C connector also Apple is kind of encouraging […]

That’s Why Pineapple Tasted so Awesome !

Why Pineapple Taste so Awesome!

Why Pineapple Soaked in Salt Syrup   Science hasn’t made sure about any numbers , however for certain individuals , eating this sweet and spiky fruit carries with it a mellow shivering. You may have credited it up to the acid or extraordinary sweetness of the fruit, yet the genuine guilty party is bromelain, a […]

7 Wonders in Indian Spice Box

7 Wonders in Indian Spice Box     ASAFOETIDA (Hing)     Also known as hing , asafoetida is the resin or powder obtained from the roots of a giant species of fennel plant. It is local to Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan however is developed in numerous different areas.. Used as a spice since the […]

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Bootstrap Paradox.

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Bootstrap Paradox.

Bootstrap Paradox   Do you have a favorite paradox? Because I do. A paradox is a statement or idea that essentially contradicts itself, meaning that if something is possible or true, then it’s impossible or false at the exact same time. That probably sounds pretty confusing, which is a pretty accurate way to describe paradoxical […]

ZTE Axon 20 5G | 1st Smart Phone to have Under Screen Camera and so Much More

ZTE Axon 20 5G Image Source: Google | Image by GSMARENA Today we have a very exciting smartphone and it’s exciting for one Specific reason smartphone name ZTE Axon 20 5GΒ it has the 1st Under Screen Camera. As per the sources the phone is EXCLUSIVELY available in China. It’s a little vision into the future, […]

You Know What I Want

Inexpensive Food Employee Baffled By Customer’s Bizarre Drive-through Behavior: ‘You Know What I Want’ On Sept. 3, Travis Scott and McDonald’s declared that they were teaming up on a big name feast called the Travis Scott Meal. The eponymous feast, which formally started selling in stores on Sept. 8 and will be accessible until Oct. […]

The New LG Wing | 5 min read for everything you want to know

Now hear we have it, The latest attempt at a brand new smartphone form factor. From years we’ve seen things flip and fold and today we have a completely new approach from LG this is a product called the Wing . This smartphone has got the most unusual of the bunch this thing is swiveling […]