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Apple very first wireless charger

Apples very First Wireless Charger

Magsafe Charger – Apple very First Wireless Charger


Yes I know you are here to read about charging characteristics of Apples very first charger also its ability to interact with the magnetic system which is inside each one of the official case.

Its a USB type C connector also Apple is kind of encouraging you to pick up their new 20 Watt power brick as well, but that’s a separate purchase for the MagSafe charger.

It’s likely the reason that Apple is recommending to pick up a one of their 20 Watt Chargers because you’re not getting a charger with the next Gen iPhone and chances are whatever power brick you have sitting around from your previous version iPhone is not gonna be a type C.

As we talk about the magnetic aspect, magnetically this not the strongest connection but it’s enough so that you can’t shake it off. The weird thing about Apple’s design decision here is that when you go to pick up your phone as you normally would off of any wireless charger you’re bringing the charger with you and this is a very deliberate decision obviously.

There they could have taken a different approach they could have provided some sort of Sticky material here we can see that its totally intentional.

Some people are going to sit and say well that’s irritating it’s going to be a constant 2 handed experience with this charge however there is an advantage here, which is when you are using the phone you can have cable and keep using the phone while you’re charging.

Compared to just charging via a wire so yes there’s a point there and it’s true that Apple makes a different charger.

The other advantage going with magnets is that you’re going to line up perfectly so you can have a more efficient wireless charge every single time you charge your iPhone.


Apple very first wireless charger
Image source:google | Image by: 9to5mac

Q1 ) Is this charger going to work with only Apple 12 or only with iPhone official case or only Apple devices ?

No, cool part here is that this charger is going to work as a G. wireless Chargers so you don’t need their official cases you don’t even need the iPhone 12 you can use this with the previous generation iPhone which supports wireless charging or even with a pixel or Samsung device that supports G wireless charging standard.

Q2 ) Is Apple-air charger is going to come ?

Originally Apple was working on their air power charger which was going to charge a bunch of things at once. Then eventually they settled on something far simpler with this( Magsafe Charger )being the one that seems to be getting the attention from a marketing standpoint.

Q3 ) Do we need iPhone standard case ?

I don’t know is this is an argument or not ,that you don’t maybe even need a magnet in there and see the benefit without having the magnet on your case . What ever you do it is going to charge with case or without case, the better scenario is that you can use it easily while it’s charging if you use the Apple case as it sticks to its back.

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