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Apple One Bundle Aggressive India Pricing

Apple One is available across all Apple devices

Apple One Bundle Aggressive India Pricing

This one is the storyΒ  really want to share, because how crazy aggressive Apple’s prices are for Indian market.

Initially I was like “well I don’t know how cheap it will get because it was really pretty attractive the things you got included”.

We get a subscription bundle that includes : Apple Music, streaming video-on-demand platform Apple TV+, gaming subscription Apple Arcade, cloud storage on iCloud, fitness Apple Fitness+ (not in India), and the news and magazine service Apple News+ (not in India). Apple One is available in three different tiers: Apple One Individual (Rs. 195 per month), Apple One Family (Rs. 365 per month nearly equal to 5 $).

Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple Tv+ and 50Gb of iCloud storage are part of Apple One Individual. If you upgrade to Apple One Family, you get 200GB of iCloud storage. Which can be shared up to 6 family members

In the US, the prices are henceforth: Apple One Individual ($14.95 per month), Apple One Family ($19.95 per month), and Apple One Premier ($29.95 per month).

That concludes Indian people savings Rs. 177 with the Individual bundle and Rs. 201 with the Family bundle.

I realize that we can’t go market to market because it’s a different situation every where which also includes cost of living wages we cant do hand to hand comparison but this showcases Apple intension in India and that they are coming in swinging.


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